Recission -She

They said ‘You are a Good team player’
I said ‘This Weekend I can’t watch movie with you ‘
They said ‘You are a technical gem’
She said ‘Today I ringed it for 10 times’
They said ‘Your team performance is excellent ‘
I called her’Have your dinner and lock the doors ‘
They said ‘You are flying this week’
I said ‘We Celebrate your birthday together’
They said ‘We have no other option’
She hold my hand and Said ‘I Love You’

Random Realization(s)

Why I feel pressure ?
– I take the pressure .

Why mobile is silent for few days?
-I’m silent.
Why I go to sleep late?
– I love to watch the darkness.

Why I didn’t called you today?
— I love the feeling ‘I’ll talk to you’ rather than ‘Talking to you’

Why we differs each other?
–We try to guess each other’s thoughts rather talking with each other.